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This is my latest grumble...

GMC/RTS 8963

I was assigned this bus on Wednesday March 24,
Monday March 29,
Tuesday April 6,
And finally Thursday April 15.
On March 29 it was written up for Bad Order Air Conditioning and again on April 6.
On April 15, the attempt was made to trade it off.
The radio was used at 948am but no response.
Starting at 10.10 am the phone was used but all it did was ring, ring, ring and ring again.
All attempts to reach the dispatch center failed so by 1030am
the decision was made to just "live with it" (again).
There are only so many times you can stand hearing "it's hot in here"
And management wonders why morale is so low.......they're too damn busy checking to see if I'm wearing my orange vest in the yard.