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All incidents are (probably) true as I remember them...and are in no particular order and may or may not have happend on the day they are
listed the names have been color coded to protect the innocent
(or the guilty)

All the 'old' news can be found under the 'past photos' links

A Group Photo of the Usual Suspects

Wednesday April 12, 192000

Wednesday April 05, 192000

  • I know...the news has been lacking the last week and a half...
    well, Soma's computer was sent over to CMF for repairs which included a new modem (56K flex this time) and a new video card...
    hopefully, the computer will stay in service for a while
  • mr yellow and mr blue spotted NABI Low Floor 7001 at CMF...they were hoping it was in the same place it was the day before when mr blue and mr orange then mr white and mr yellow spotted it...but was moved
    mr yellow pretty much liked it...and felt ok in the even has the 'old' 7000 master switch which was kinda neet
    but the sun visor/screens need to come down a little lower...
  • mr yellow has also spotted 5300 ( only took a quick look at that one so yellow will not really comment on that
  • mr white still hasn't shown the colors that "207 Palos Verdes" schedule that he claims to have
  • Wednesday was a very up and down day for mr yellow...a methanol was assigned...yellow didn't really much care for this particular bus...a write up of the day's events will come sometime during the least Soma hopes so
  • ahem...will the monthly news person update their "LA area bus news" section...thank you
  • Soma and yellow are glad to see that has added a news section...we wish he would not refer to people by their christian names though

Thursday March 23, 192000

  • The day started out alright...a nice sounding and nice running bus was assigned
    quiet day...until the last round trip...the leader took 5 minutes on mr yellow (again) and he got buried... first by the construction which made traffic bumper to bumper...then by all the people that were boarding because the bus was late
    yellow arrived at the end of the line 3 minutes after he was supposed to he just turned around and went back... and with yellow's luck...there is a wheelchair to be he does that ...and at the next stop...he has to take time out again because there are two bikes but one of the slots is broken off and blah , blah, blah, blah, blah...[sigh]...
    too many people on the bus so yellow has to leave a few stops...but it doesn't really matter since there is another wheelchair to be boarded...yellow moves along...and it looks like there is another wheelchair to be boarded - but ... it turns out he didn't want yellow's bus ... so yellow runs into more traffic...and here comes mr red to join the party that is not going so well
    wheelchair 1 is deboarded...more traffic...follower catches up ... wheelchair 2 is deboarded...
    the end of the line is reached 15 minutes after the bus was to leave...oh's the relief's problem now
    2 hour split...and since yellow didn't bring any lunch...he had junk food for lunch...Red already had lunch
    2nd half is started a methanol bus is assigned... and the leader(1) leaves late (like he always does) and the leader(1) has instructed yellow to stay behind he does
    it's an easy trip until yellow is becoming a little too late for his own good so he goes around the leader and moves along
    here comes mr blue to join the party and a photo exchange is done between Mr Red and Blue...a few laughs...and the observance of leader(2) staying strictly in the middle lane is done...anyway, the end of the line is finally reached...a posedown's time to for yellow to get buried again mr yellow looking at his watch and mr blue saying "you might as well throw that watch out the window"...the trip didn't turn out too bad with the colors on board...and none of the followers caught up to mr yellow like they usually do...lots of laughs
    time to go home and the colors meet at a resturant of mr blue's recomendation...a few more laughs and it's time to go home
    long day...yellow is glad that the colors showed up and at the same time...that the day is over
  • An updated division 1 roster has been posted...the background on the division 9 roster was changed

Wednesday March 22, 192000

  • A nice quiet day for mr yellow...
    during trip 3 yellow caught his leader and then proceeded to board the two wheelchair people ... which was not a problem for mr yellow...
    but during trip 4...this same leader left 5 minutes early to compensate for the heavy traffic that road construction was causing...
    trip 4 - yellow is moving along and moving along and moving past the construction which didn't turn out to be that bad
    trip 5 - yellow was "well, you know...if I keep the door open ... we are never going to leave this intersection because people are just going to keep coming and coming and have to stop it somewhere" I wonder if the driver knows what it feels like to be passed by ? "uh - happend to us a couple of saturdays ago when the 115 passed us by and we had to wait 20 minutes for the next one (in the rain!)" was a good 5 minutes before yellow finally shut up about the subject
    during the 1st trip of the second joined for a one way trip then he split
    trip 2 went so-so...then it was time to go home
  • Don't use the ritz camera close to where yellow was more than a week before he got his 4x6 nothing special about them prints ...he'll use the one close to home...they know him very well there and he gets his prints back in 3 working days
  • 5209 was spotted in service

Monday March 20, 192000

  • A nice quiet day for mr yellow today...
    mr blue joined mr yellow for a mini round trip during the second half
  • Mr Lime's bus was used for the first half
  • Thanks for the items Rainbow and Blue

Sunday March 19, 192000

  • New photos on cop cars pages, GMC, TMC, and a few other place i've forgotten...
  • I just realized that I never did write up a trip report for that Norwalk/Glendale excursion
  • Don't know if i'll ever get around to writing the santa barbara report
  • Mr Yellow was moaning and groaning that he couldn't go on the ERHA trip because of personal business on the same day...
    Yellow is glad...after seeing that 6581 (and not advertised LAMTA 5193) and
    65xx (and not advertised LACMTA 5193) were the "historic" and "new" buses used
    Yellow went on a much better trip with Blue, Red, Pink, Purple and Rainbow

All the 'old' news can be found under the 'past photos' links

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